Needle in a Haystack Setup

This article describes the setup for the Needle in a Haystack evolution.

Proving Ground

Any star system can be used.

Using the impulse navigation panel (NV-IMP03) select a radius of 5000GU centred (focused) on an area of the star system that allows for the inclusion of a planet within the radius. (This provides the possibility of the target being astro-masked).

Use the focus co-ordinates ast the starting co-ordinates of the hunting vessel (SHIP1) (ie the hunting vessel should be at the centre of the proving ground).

Evolution Variables

At some point around the outer ring of the map tap to position a POI. Use the co-ordinates of that POI to set the co-ordinates of the target TSMO (SHIP2).

The target TSMO will remian stationery during the entire evolution.

Set the EM output of SHIP2 to:

  • EM Band 1: 0
  • EM Band 2: 0
  • EM band 3: 20
  • EM Band 4: 0
  • EM Band 5: 40

Monitoring and Evaluation

The evolution is completed when SHIP1 acheives a track of SHIP2, within 30 minutes of the start of the evolution.

SHIP1 must not travel outside the proving ground (ie no further than 10,000GUs from SHIP2).

Monitor the evaluation using the Impulse Navigation panel, focused on SHIP2's starting co-ordinates with a radius of 10,000GUs. 

If SHIP1 moves outside the outer ring of the impulse map, the evolution has been failed.