PDN designation

The Power Distribution Network (PDN) has a large number of identical components located around the vessel. Correctly identifying each component, where it is located and how it and other components are linked relies on a precise designation system.

Power distribution designation identifies a combination of conduit, supply tap and consumption tap which describes a specific path from a power supply system (distribution node) and a consumption system.

Conduit designation identifies the power type the conduit is designed to carry and a unique numerical identifier of five digits.

Power Type

1DN: designates the node as part of the primary distribution network supplying medium voltage (1000V) DC power.

2DNH: designates the node as part of the secondary distribution network supplying high-frequency (400Hz) AC power at 440 volts.

2DNL: designates the node as part of the secondary distribution network supplying low-frequency (50Hz) AC power at 240 volts.

Distribution Nodes

A power distribution node is a junction where multiple conduits meet for the purpose of power distribution. Nodes typically also perform power conversion (from high to mid or low voltage, for example).

Each node has a seven-character unique identifier (UID) with the first three characters of the UID indicating its location on the vessel, in the order DECK-SECTION-PORT/STARBOARD.

The remaining four characters are a unique numeric code.

Power Standard

Nodes have both incoming (upstream) and outgoing (downstream) power interfaces and each may be different if the node converts between power standards.

Power Rating

The maximum power that a node can manage is indicated by its output rating. All controls and throughput monitors are calibrated to the output rating (which helps avoid confusion where the input is a different power standad and may therefore have a different rating).


Conduits are rated to carry a particular power standard to a maximum throughput level.

Conduits are designated by a unique numeric code which is always prefixed by the letter 'C'.

Location is not specified in conduit designations as a conduit will likely travel through multiple sections and between multiple decks.