Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Neeraj Anahira is a Tactical Officer and a member of the Tactical Branch. He co-ordinates the vessel’s tactical operations and serves as ‘tactical point’ on the bridge during combat situations.

As senior Tactical Officer aboard, Lieutenant Anahira is responsible for the management of all tactical crew and systems aboard the vessel.

During assigned watches he co-ordinates the vessel’s tactical operations and serve as ‘tactical point’ during combat situations, ensuring that the Conn has current information on the vessel’s Tactical Operating Environment (TOE) and available strategic options.

If the Conn chooses to act on those options, Anahira needs to ensure execution of any orders to fire weapons, defend the ship or deploy electronic warfare techniques.

What would I be doing?

Interested in Lieutenant Anahira’s role as a tactical officer?

Once you've completed training you'll be able to gain more experience by joining simulator missions chosen from a growing library of tactical, exploratory, scientific and diplomatic scenarios.

As tactical officer on these missions you may be assisted by crew operating tactical systems elsewhere on the vessel, but as the only tactical specialist on the bridge you must be ready and able to operate those systems yourself:


EMDAR detects other vessels in space (known as TSMOs) based on their EM emissions. By analysing EM patterns it is possible to determine the position of TSMOs so that they can be tracked and if necessary targeted by weapons.

Weapons Direction

The vessel’s primary weapons are torpedoes (guided missiles). Despite being slower than beam weapons they have the advantages of requiring significantly less power and accurately prosecuting targets at far greater distances.

Firing solutions are calculated to ensure the best chance for successful prosecution. Using that information you'll be managing the configuration, launching and tracking of torpedoes.


When these systems become available in the simulator they provide the vessel’s last line of defence, including decoy launching to confuse beam weapon targeting systems and close-in ‘phalanx’ beam weapon systems to destroy incoming kinetic weapons before they reach the vessel.

Becoming a Tactical Officer

To join the mission you'll need to sign up as crew, which gives you access to online training at the Academy including the simulator facility.

To become a tactical officer you'll complete training on tactical systems. As you become 'rated' on each system you'll be able to operate that system in the simulator during missions. 

Once you've logged the required mission hours operating those systems, you'll qualify as a tactical officer.

Your profile will display which systems you're rated on, as well as show your current rank and qualification insignia.

From there how your career develops is up to you. As you complete more missions you'll increase in rank. As a line officer you have a career path to command by also qualifying as a navigation and operations officer.

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