Standard Button Display Protocol

The Standard Button Display Protocol (SBDP) provides a set of standardised display states for control buttons that allow for quick visual recognition of the current state of the controlled function.

Buttons that are solely associated with data display visualisations may use the Standard Designation Display Protocol (SDDP) which uses different colours selected to avoid confusion with control buttons.

Display States

Display states refer only to the colour of the button. The text within the button may be anything.

Off State

Displayed where the controlled function is not currently available for use. This is a non-contingent state so means the controlled function has been powered down or that use of the function is not consistent with the current operating state. It does not imply unavailability due to damage or malfunction.

Colour: Off Blue #111c33 (border Off Blue Light #3e4651)

Ready State

Displayed when a controlled function is available for use but has not yet been selected or activated.

Colour: Primary Blue #2a4780 (border Primary Blue Light #6c9FFF)

Select State


Colour: Standard Grey #677074 (border Stndard Grey Light #bbb)

Alert State


Colour: Alert Yellow #b29a23 (border Alert Yellow Light #ff0000)

Alarm State


Colour: Alarm Red #b22011 (border Alarm Red Light #ff0000)