tactical Branch

The Tactical Branch is responsible for the defence of the vessel through the operation of weapons and countermeasure systems and for providing detailed and accurate information about the vessel's operating environment

Tactical crew are responsible for detecting, analysing and tracking tactically significant objects (such as other vessels), providing detailed information about their identity, configuration and disposition and where necessary providing firing solutions should they be identified as a threat. Tactical crew also assess any other aspect of the vessel's operating environment that may assist the commanding officer in the formulation of tactical strategy.

Featured tactical Roles

Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Alex Peterson is the ISDC’s leading EMDAR specialist, operating specialist tactical sensor equipment to detect other vessels in space.
Lieutenant Neeraj Anahira is a Tactical Officer, co-ordinating the vessel’s tactical operations and serving as ‘tactical point’ on the bridge during combat situations.
Senior Crewman (SCR) Carl Franklin is a weapons director, specialising in the configuration, launch and flight management of Endeavour's primary weapons system: torpedoes.

tactical Specialisations

Electronic Warfare

Electronic warfare is an advanced specialisation involving the manipulation of EM spectrum to evade detection or confuse opposing tactical sensor systems.

EMDAR Technician

EMDAR is an advanced specialisation involving the operation of tactical sensors, including the interpretation of data to identify and track other vessels.


Tactical is the base specialisation involving the configuration and operation of weapons systems

Weapons Direction

Weapons direction is an advanced specialisation involving the creation and management of firing solutions for guided weapons such as torpedos and probes.