Groups List

This group covers the analysis of celestial objects, their interactions and behaviour as they are encountered during Endeavour's mission.

This is a closed group for those involved in storyline and concept development.

This group is for those working with or interested in the fusion reactors that will power the vessel.

The Mission Group is open to all personnel for discussion and sharing information about life in the ISDC, including operations, careers and training.

This group covers deep space navigation, stellar cartography and vessel helm operations. It's for anyone interested in how we get where we need to go and how we get around once we're there.

This group is for those working with or interested in propulsion systems, including magnetoplasma impulse engines and superluminal (FTL) drive.

The Tactical Group is for discussion of the tactics, strategy and technology involved with defence of the ship and success of the mission.

The Vessel Development Group is intended as a forum for discovering, sharing and debating technology and ideas which may be useful to vessel development.