Intergrid Modules

The intergrid system allows groups of modules to operate together to provide advanced control processes.

This is acheived by having control values saved to an intermediate control system, instead of interacting directly with vessel management systems. A group of related control values are stored together in that entry, often in functional groups.

For example, the impulse maneuvering function of the helm saves control values such as bearing, cruise target, direction to the helm intergrid database entry. This allows values from individual input modules such as input dials, sliders and buttons to be picked up together by vessel management systems and implemented as thrust and heading changes, etc.

Button Modules

These general-purpose modules allow groups of buttons to be added to intergid-based control processes. Different button behaviours are provided by each module.

Check Button Group

This button type allows individual buttons in the group to toggle. Includes an option for push-button operation.

Radio Button Group