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Mission Operations

The mission operations room has been upgraded along with the simulator so it can able to handle the more complex missions now possible.

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Sim Expansion Update

Take a look at the nearly completed training simulator expansion, which packs twice as many touchscreen panels for greater system coverage and (perhaps controversially) a forward viewscreen.

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Sim Upgrade

The phase one simlator recently completed is already in for an upgrade, but following crew feedback our plans have changed from a two-sim facility to a single, larger simulator.

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Remote Sims

As fantastic as the new simulation facility is, it makes sense to be able to come up to speed on ship systems in private. Remote simulation access is now available!

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Academy Simulator Peek

The COVID shutdown might have interrupted our plans to let members try out our new simulator prototype, but it also gave us time to come up with something bigger and much better. Here's a first look at what we've just launched.

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How to fly a starship

I've seen some coverage of the Space-X launch focusing on the console interface inside the Crew Dragon, which primarily consists of three touchscreen panels.

It occurred to me that I'd seen that kind of configuration somewhere before...

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Even deep-space missions aren't immune to pernicious viruses. We've had to postpone our planned ramp-up of the simulation room's availability so as to respect recent social-distancing guidelines.

We're looking to accelerate delivery of remote-access options to the simulator to assist with at-home training. If this becomes possible soon, we'll also post video versions of training seminars so that you can be trained and ready to take part in simulations as soon as restrictions are relaxed.

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Helm & Tactical Training

If you've been looking forward to taking part in a Hunt/Kill sim, then its time to get training! 

An overview of helm and training programs has been posted in the Mission Blog, where you can also register your interest in whichever program interests you.

The programs will kick off with a seminar explaining theory and providing demos. The first of these seminars will be in person so that the instructors can get valuable feedback on content and presentation. Video versions of the seminars will be available soon after.

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Foundation Member Seminar

I'm looking to schedule one or more seminars for potential Foundation Members in the next week or so.

If you're interested in helping to design and build simulated vessel systems like engines, weapons or even planets, Foundation Membership could be for you.

The seminar will give you an overview of the concept, the simulation systems that have been developed or are planned, and the process for designing and building vessel systems.

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First Video Posted

A demonstration video of a training evolution has been added to the site, the first of a range of training videos that are planned.


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