This group is for those working with or interested in the fusion reactors that will power the vessel.

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PDN Released

We’ve been working on the Power Distribution Network (PDN) control system for a while now. It’s a complex system that will impact everything on the ship, so we think it was time well spent.

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Reactor-grade electromagnets

Interesting press about the first publicly acknowledged electromagnets capable of 20 telsas:

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Reactor Prototype Update

The reactor prototype has been undergoing extensive testing and review, but we're getting very close to the final design. Here are some highlights:

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coolant system overview

The Reactor Systems Group has released an overview of the design and operation of the reactor’s coolant system. The overview is the result of extensive research and simulation work and represents the proposed design for reactor coolant system.

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containment achieved

Field generator prototypes have successfully contained low-temperature plasma (around 100K degrees celsius), a crucial first step towards moving the fusion reactor from theoretical concept to construction.

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