PDN System Module

The PDN System module provides access to power management and diagnostics for vessel systems from console panels controlling those systems.

The module appears as a two-button group usually right next to the controls for the relevant system.

Power Management

Tapping the POWER button overlays a variant of standard PDN configuration interface. Downstream nodes are not displayed (as PDN systems to not supply power to other nodes).

The interface displays available upstream power sources. The user can vary the requested power up to the available allocation from each source, which will immediately be reflected in the system control interface (if available power is displaye don that interface, such as with the linear slider module).

The buttons identifying the upstream nodes are greyed out and cannot be tapped to access that node (as can be done with a the standard PDN configuration interface). Adjustment of power allocation upstream from the system must be done at an engineering panel.

Module Configuration

The module is typically added to a panel as an independent module, with the targeted PDN system included in the module's configuration.

The module's position on the panel is set in the module's configuration.

Embedded Mode

This option allows the module to be embedded within another module.

This is particularly useful where a module can be switched to monitor/control a number of systems (such as the torpedo load/launch module included on the torpedo systems panel) as this mode ensures the target system is supplied dynamically by the host module.

In this mode the module's configured position is relative to the host module.