Career Options

The success of Endeavour’s mission will require a crew with skills from a wide range of disciplines.

Some of the crew will navigate the ship to its destination while others will analyse the space around the ship. Some will generate power and maintain critical systems while others will use the ship’s weapons systems to protect the crew and the mission.

To start your career choose which of these areas interests you most. The Academy provides the training you need for your area of interest. Each time you complete a training program you’ll become rated on the associated ship system, which means you’ll be able to operate that system in the simulator on training missions.

By joining a crew team and undertaking training missions you’ll be able to gain experience. A crew team will need different skills depending on the mission you choose, so it’s good to have a range of skills within your team.

Below are roles your team would need to fill on the bridge or supporting them off-bridge.

Simulation Missions

A key way you'll increase your skills and gain experience is by flying missions in the simulator.

A range of mission scenarios are available covering tactical, exploration or diplomatic themes. Sceanrios are self-contained examples of what might can be expected during Endeavour's mission , such as encountering alien vessels, discovering ancient outposts or battling for control of a star system. New scenarios are released regularly.

Choose a scenario that interests you, get your crew together and book time in the simulator using the online reservation tool.

Training and Development

Career development is supported by training and development opportunities for all career tracks.

The key objective of training is to become rated (qualified to operate) on a system. Each system has a training program associated with it. When the program is completed successfully, a rating for that system is awarded.

Crew specialists will normally get rated on one or two related systems with their training focussed on increasing their level of qualification on that system.

An increase in qualification level opens up more complex roles on missions.

Officers typically need to be rated on more ship systems than a crew specialist, but only at a basic level of qualification. An officer’s training is instead focussed on gaining experience (hours on watch) across different leadership positions.