ISDC Mission
Humanity's first and best chance for peaceful interstellar exploration

The ISDC is a multinational organisation whose primary mission is to represent humanity's interests amongst extra-terrestrial civilisations that we now know exist. To achieve this the ISDC must develop and construct a vessel capable of interstellar travel that will allow the exploration of deep space and first contact to be made.

The nature of this mission and the threats faced both here on Earth and beyond require enormous resources and absolute secrecy. Operating under elaborate cover-stories to protect its work, the ISDC is engaged in a race against time to get into space while humanity's destiny is still its own to control.

Primary Mission Functions

A key aspect of the ISDC’s mission is deep space exploration. The ability to explore stellar systems and phenomenon at close range is expected to provide unparalleled insights into our universe in...

The ISDC is aware that we share the galaxy with one or more advanced alien civilisations, although contact to date has been limited to tactical engagements with often unfortunate outcomes.

The ISDC is committed to deep space exploration and peaceful co-existence with any extra-terrestrial civilisations encountered, but also recognises the need for defence. It is not known how many...

Training & Development

The ISDC is not strictly a military organisation but operates a military-style chain of command as the most appropriate model for the dangerous, distant and unpredictable environment in deep space.

Providing the skills and experience necessary to undertake missions in that environment is as high a priority for the ISDC as building Endeavour.

Starting with the Academy, training programs, mentoring and practical experience support members in achieving their potential.

About the ISDC

The ISDC is a multi-national organisation established by secret international treaty, dedicated to...

The public-face of the ISDC is the Milesham Organisation, which is ostensibly a not-for-profit body...

Reports of extra-terrestrial visits to Earth have been documented as far back as 1088, when Chinese...