EM Designation Protocol

The EM Display Protocol (EMDP) provides a standard set of console display states that represent each of the five Electromagnetic (EM) bands used by vessel sensor systems.

The display states are designed to be easily identified and distinguished from each other. Colours have also been chosen to correlate (where possible) with their associated band (eg the use of violet for the ultraviolet band).

The EMDP should not be confused with the Standard Designation Display Protocol (SDDP) which uses a different set of display states to represent variables in console visualisations.

Display States

The EMDP’s five display states are:

Band 1

Ionising radiation band (ION)

Colour: Green #004F27

Band 2

Ultraviolet band (UV)

Colour: Violet #660066

Band 3

Infrared band (IR)

Colour: Red #B20000

Band 4

Radio band (RDO)

Colour: Blue #002DB2

Band 5

Magnetism (MAG)

Color: Gold #B28500