EN-SFM01 Master Systems

 The Master Systems panel provides an interface for monitoring systems throughout the vessel. It displays location-specific indications across a number of monitoring parameters.

The display format is based on a cross-section schematic of the spaceframe, with decks and sections labeled. An indication will appear in the appropriate location on the schematic with the specific location displayed alpha-numerically.

Indication Format

Each indication has a colour and a three-character code.

  • The first letter of the code is the deck where the indication was triggered
  • The second letter of the code is the deck section where the location was triggered
  • The third letter of the code indicates which side of the section triggered the indication - port (P) or starboard (S)

The indication color is standard

  • Gold indicates an alert state
  • Red indicates an alarm state

Monitor Parameters

The Master Systems panel draws data from sensors throughout the vessel. By default all parameters are displayed on the panel but these can be filtered.


This monitors the environmental temperature within each section.


This monitors atmospheric quality in each section, including:

  • Pressure
  • Composition


This monitors the status of artificial gravity in each section.


This monitors radiation levels in each section.


This monitors the status of PDN components located within each section.


This monitors the status of key vessel systems located within each section.