Weapons Director

Senior Crewman (SCR) Carl Franklin is a weapons director, specialising in the configuration, launch and flight management of Endeavour's primary weapons system: torpedoes.

Torpedoes are guided missiles, which means they can track targets over long distances using a variety of guidance systems. 

A weapons director is responsible for developing firing solutions, which describes the optimal launch conditions needed to achieve a required tactical outcome. Factors include range to target, relative speed and the timing of the torpedo's flight phases.

Once the tactical officer accepts a firing solution, the weapons director ensures that torpedoes are configured and loaded, ready to launch once the firing solution conditions have been achieved. 

After launch, the weapons director monitors the torpedo's progress and can make manual adjustments to flight phasing to compensate for evasion attempts by the target.

A weapons director will be expected to assist the tactical officer on the bridge during alert conditions, supported by a team of 'back room' weapons direction specialists developing firing solution options. The bridge director would most likely be a senior member of the team with at least petty officer rank, which Carl can expect to achieve with a little more experience.

Becoming a Weapons Director

To become a weapons director, you can register your interest using the link below.

You'll be signed up as crew and will have access to online training supported by an instructor that will get you ready to start working with torpedoes. 

Once you're qualified on weapons systems, you'll be able to join mission simulations as a weapons director to gain practical experience.

After you have enough simulator time completed, you'll be rated as a weapons director and promoted to the rank of Senior Crewman. Being rated means you'll be able to server on active duty when Endeavour launches.