Training & Development

Providing the skills and experience necessary to undertake deep space missions is as high a priority for the ISDC as building Endeavour.

The ability to fly and defend the vessel will be vital to supporting exploration, all of which will require a well trained crew. The ISDC’s Fleet Training and Research Academy – known simply as the Academy – provides the knowledge and development opportunities such a crew will need.

The Academy delivers online training courses consisting of video seminars supported by reference materials, which deliver the knowledge that crew will need to operate their chosen systems on Endeavour.

Once they have that knowledge, crew will then have access to a sophisticated simulation facility that will allow them to build practical experience across a wide range of mission scenarios.

As their training begins, crew will use the simulator to become familiar with their chosen systems, working through training evolutions supported by the instructors. Once they have qualified on a system, crew will then be encouraged to join others on simulated missions either against Mission Operations or other crew teams.

As well as honing their skills on these missions, each crew member will ultimately be positioning themselves for a place aboard Endeavour for her first deep space voyage. Crew are provided with generous allocations of simulator time and are encouraged to form teams of complementary qualifications to make it easy to run missions from an ever increasing range of scenarios.

 Growth in skill and experience is recognised by rank and qualification, which open up more senior roles and greater responsibility across system, mission and crew development. Ultimately the Captain’s chair is waiting for the most dedicated and skilled.

The ISDC is not strictly a military organisation but operates a military style chain of command as the most appropriate model for the dangerous, distant and inherently unpredictable environment in deep space. Different career tracks and specialisations are available depending on interest and aptitude, but no-one is ever locked into a career. The qualification system makes it easy to explore career options as interests change or new systems become available.