Torpedo System

The torpedo system manages the vessel’s primary weapons system.

Weapons Direction

Management of a torpedo’s flight, including selecting the optimal launch conditions (velocity, range, heading) for successful prosecution.

Firing Solution

This module allows users to calculate the optimal speed and heading of the launch vessel against the target’s speed and heading. This includes estimation of how long the torpedo must be wire guided and the likely reaction of the target when the torpedo goes active and is detected.

The module calls data from EMDAR intergrid (to access all tracked contacts) and nav_objects (for the flight details of the launch vessel and target).

Torpedo Flight

Once a torpedo has been launched, this module displays the relative positions of the torpedo and the target including speed and range. It also displays the torpedo’s fuel level and allows limited control over the torpedo including abort/destruct (but not flight control).

Torpedo System

Management of torpedos, ordnance and the launching system.

Torpedo Configure/Load

The allows a torpedo to be configured, selecting its ordnance package and configuring its search parameters for passive mode.

This interacts with a JSON manifest of the various torpedo components in stock.

Launcher Management

This allows torpedos to be loaded into the selected torpedo tube, for power to be allocated to the torpedo tube and charged, and for torpedo launch.

Torpedo Launcher

This is a simulation system that simulates each torpedo tube, including charging and condition (wear/tear etc).

Torpedo Flight

This script manages the torpedo between launch and prosecution.

It tracks the torpedo as a temporary TSMO on the TOE grid and calculates the range to the target.


If the torpedo reaches the same grid position as the target, this script calculates whether prosecution has been successful and if so, the nature of any damage to the target.