Standard Designation Display Protocol

The Standard Designation Display Protocol (SDDP) provides a standard set of console display states that are easily distinguishable from each other. This allows an association between data displays and controls across a console panel.

Up to five display states are available allowing five variables to be displayed at once.

The SDDP display states should not be confused with the EM Designation Protocol (EMDP) which uses a different set of display states to visually differentiate EM bands.

The SDDP is typically used in graph visualisations. The variable is displayed in the graph and may also have an associated button with the same display state which can be tapped to initiate an action for the variable such as an information overlay. As a result, the colours used in the SDDP have been selected to avoid confusion with the Standard Button Display Protocol (SBDP).

SDDP Display States

The five SDDP display states are:

Display State 1

Designation: alpha

Color: Dark Blue #071E48 RGB 7,30,72

Highlight: #2C477A

Display State 2

Designation: bravo

Color: Dark Green #003827 RGB 0,36,59

Highlight: #25705A

Display State 3

Designation: charlie

Color: Purple #3C1053 RGB 60,16,83

Highlight: #74478B

Display State 4

Designation: delta

Color: Ochre #551D00 RGB 85,29,0

Highlight: #A65D35

Display State 5

Designation: echo

Color: Dark Gold #554200 RGB 85,66,0

Highlight: #AA9139