Evolution: Needle in a Haystack

This EMDAR evolution involves tracking a stationery TSMO that begins just on the edge of EMDAR range.


The evolution is intended to provide training and competency evaluation on the following EMDAR skills:

  • Interpretation of waterfall data
  • Operation of contacts board
  • Operation of narrowband EMDAR

Proving Course

The evolution may take place in any star system. The target TSMO is located at a random position approximately 5000GUs from the hunting vessel's starting point.

The proving course is constrained within an area with a 10,000GU radius of the target TSMO.

The TSMO will ouput EM at fixed levels constantly during the evolution.

Evolution Plan

The candidate may take the evolution as EMDAR operator supported by a Quartermaster. The candidate will direct the vessel's heading and speed.

Alternatively, the candidate may operate both EMDAR and helm (if the evolution is being run remotely, for example).

The hunting vessel will begin the evolution at all stop with a heading of 000.

Evolution Goal

The evolution is completed when the candidate acheives a track on the target TSMO.


For evaluation purposes the evolution must be completed within 30 minutes.

The hunting vessel must not move outside a 10,000GU radius of the target TSMO.