Crew Website Guide

Welcome to the team! Your contribution will make the dream of deep space exploration a reality. The ISDC has provided online tools to help you – this is a brief overview.

Logging In

The crew portal is at – you should always access from here, as this will display your personalized portal page.

Getting Help

You can ask for help at any time using the contact form, which is accessible from the top right of every page, next to your profile pic.

Your Profile

Your profile represents you in the ISDC universe. You can access and edit your profile at any time by clicking your avatar (profile pic) in the top right of the window. Clicking someone else's pic takes you to their profile.

Messaging System

The ISDC operates its own internal messaging system, which allows you to communicate with other members without needing to know their email or IM details.

To access your inbox, click the messaging icon in the top right of the window, next to your profile pic. If you have new messages, a red dot will appear over the messaging icon.

Sending Messages

You can message anyone by visiting their profile and clicking the messgaing icon at the corner of their profile pic.

Alternatively. a Write New Message button is available at the top of your inbox. This opens a new message screen, where you can enter the username(s) of the people you want to contact. As you type a username, the system will provide a list of possible matches.

To find someone’s username, just hover your mouse over their profile pic wherever you see it.

Collaboration and Discussion

A key part of your experience with the ISDC will be sharing ideas, news and views with your crewmates. The site offers a number of features to facilitate this.


Groups are Facebook-style collaboration spaces that allow members with similar interests or working in the area to share updates, exchange insights and debate ideas.

The available groups can be viewed under the NETWORK menu option.


Commenting on blogs or group posts is a great way to start or participate in a discussion. Comments appear as a threaded discussion under the original blog or post.