Tactical Operating Environment Sim

The TOE sim utilises a number of modules linked by an intergrid, which allows values from one module to be access by other modules. This provides a seamless workflow between the various stages of the TOE detection and tracking process.

EMDAR Detections

The EMDAR detections module is a backend API that processes all TSMOs on the same grid as the detecting vessel. Based on the reported EM emissions of each TSMO, for each of the five EM bands the module calculates detections, which are grid locations offset to account for the dispersal effects of range and the characteristics of each EM band.

EMDAR Waterfall

The EMDAR waterfall module is a frontend console display module that presents current and historical EMDAR detections in a distinctive visual format that allows users to analyse detection patterns. These patterns allow users to draw conclusions as to the likely range, heading and maneuvering behaviour of distant TSMOs.

If a user identifies an EM pattern that is likely to represent a TSMO, they may select and transfer co-ordinates to the contacts management module (see below).

Contacts Management

The contacts management module is a frontend console display module that provides a visual reference for tracking EMDAR detections. Users can transfer co-ordinates of detections from the Waterfall display and designate a contact. The module will track the relative bearing and range of those co-ordinates and allow users to update the co-ordinates (as the module tracks only a point in space, not the detections themselves).

When a user is confident they have determined the actual location of a TSMO, they may assign a narrowband array (see bleow) to that contact to allow tracking and display of the TSMO on the TOE grid.

Narrowband EMDAR

The narrowband EMDAR module is a backend API that takes a contact's grid location and assesses whether a TSMO is within a close enough range to have been acquired by a narrowband EMDAR array. If so, the module updates the TSMO as tracked and the TSMO becomes visible on the TOE grid.