Generation Systems Overview

Shipboard power is supplied by main, auxiliary and emergency power generation systems. Power is distributed to ship systems by primary and secondary Power Distribution Networks (PDNs).

Generation systems provide power for all vessel systems and, as can be expected from such a crucial aspect of vessel operations, these systems are heavily redundant.

main generation system

The main generation system consists of the vessel's fusion reactor and associated coolant system. The reactor produces sufficient power to meet the enormous demands of the main engines and the superluminal drive system and can be redirected as required to tactical systems.

auxiliary generation system

The auxiliary generation system consists of a number of stirling radioisotope generators which provide relatively low power levels but for extended periods.

The auxiliary generation systems are intended to keep vital ship systems running in the event of main system failure, including life support, communications, sensory and control systems, until such time as the main system can be repaired or a rescue can be effected.

The auxiliary systems do not provide sufficient output to operate main engines or superluminal drive.

emergency systems

Emergency power is provided by a series of battery-based Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems throughout the vessel.

These systems are intended to provide temporary power to vital ships systems such as computer & control and life support, to cover any interruption of supply between main system failure and the availability of auxiliary power.

power distribution networks

primary PDN

The Primary PDN is made up of a web of power supply conduits that traverse the ship to distribute power from generation systems to ship systems.

The PDN is heavily redundant, allowing power distribution to be routed around damaged sections (subject to capacity limitations).

secondary PDN

The secondary PDN is a less elaborate parallel network of power conduits intended to provide additional routing capacity to key ship systems such as propulsion and tactical.