Sim Mission/Scenario
Up to 4 participants
  • Conn
  • Impulse Navigation
  • PDN
  • Spaceframe


The vessel is attacked by an unknown but tracked threat. The attacks cause damage to key systems and power distribution capability which must be dealt with. Reinforcements that would easily outmatch the threat are a defined period of time away. The vessel must survive for that length of time (tactical victory).

The vessel may attempt to distance itself from the threat but cannot leave the star system. The vessel cannot return fire, but the threat is limited to a defined number of shots per period.

The simulation can be undertaken without a Operations Officer if necessary, with that role assumed by the Conn Officer.

The simulation can also be run with just PDN or Spaceframe systems in order to allow the engineer to concentrate on one of those systems, or if the engineer is rated on only one system.

Who should take part

This simulation will be of particular interest to those interested in the included engineering systems, including engineering officers.

It also provides valuable experience for navigation roles.

Line officers should take part in this simulation in both Operations Management and Conn Officer roles.