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    Advanced tactical simulations are now ready to join.

    Fly the ship, hunt down your opponents and secure a place on Endeavour's crew.

    Training intake for navigation and tactical specialists is now open.

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    Whether you're a scientist, engineer or tactician, deep space offers the ultimate challenge.

    Choose your career path, train and take your place aboard.

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    Senior roles in key engineering systems are now available.

    Build advanced fusion reactors or cutting-edge magnetoplasma impulse engines.

    Lead the teams that are making deep space exploration a reality.

What We Do

A key aspect of the ISDC’s mission is deep space exploration. The ability to explore stellar systems and phenomenon at close range is expected to provide unparalleled insights into our universe in...

The ISDC is aware that we share the galaxy with one or more advanced alien civilisations, although contact to date has been limited to tactical engagements with often unfortunate conclusions.

The ISDC is committed to deep space exploration and peaceful co-existence with any extra-terrestrial civilisations encountered, but also recognises the need for defence. It is not known how many...

Meet the Crew
Generation Officer Robert Hewson

Lt. Commander Robert Hewson is responsible for overseeing the design and build of the vessel's power generation...

Find the Role That's Right for you

There are over 60 careers in the ISDC. 

Ways to Join

Officers are the senior management of the ISDC, responsible for coordinating the successful...

Military crew are the technical specialists of the ISDC and receive applied technical training in...

The warrant officer program allows civilian-trained specialists to contribute their skills and...

Civilian advisors assist the ISDC by providing analysis and insights into the organisation’s...