Designing a Bridge
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Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 15:10

I stumbled across this article just now and reminded me of the discussions had around the design and build of the training sim:

The training sim isn't meant to be an exact replica of what Endeavour's bridge will look like, but ideally the workstations should be in roughly the same area. You don't want conn officers trained to look to the right for tactical in the sim and then put it on the left on Endeavour... muscle-memory can be hard to overwrite!

That said, the design of Endeavour's bridge is nowhere near final. There have been a few options floated in posts to this group, but there's always room for more ideas. I also hope we'll learn a lot from the training sim around human factors that we can incorporate into the bridge designs.



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I read in a couple of places that Voyager's sets were basically rebuilds of the TNG sets, which were themselves rebuilds of the movie sets. 

Except Voyager's engine room was much bigger. Bear that in mind when you're thinking about Endeavour's design, won't you.