Torpedo Consoles
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Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 20:36

Above: One of the new torpedo console panelsNew updates to torpedo console designs are now available, showing some significant developments in how the system will operate.

Initial console designs anticipated four panels to control the torpedo system, split between weapons direction and torpedo configuration and launch. The design process has reduced this to two panels: one which is used to calculate fire solutions and configure torpedo search patterns, the other manages torpedo loading, launch and flight.

One reason for the streamlining of the consoles of because earlier designs anticipated more options for configuring the torpedoes themselves. Under the new system, four different types of torpedo with a standard configuration can be selected, rather than a torpedo being custom-configured from a menu of options. This reduces complexity and saves time when loading the torpedo, while research has shown that the absence of granular configurations doesn't significantly impact the outcome of tactical simulations.

Perhaps the most significant design outcome indicated by the new consoles is that Endeavour will have four torpedo tubes, all forward-facing. The technical limitations imposed by the output of the main engines has made it too difficult to effectively fire and guide torpedoes aft.