Sim Expansion Update
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 23:08

 The upgrade and expansion of the training simulator is nearly complete.

The new sim has a significantly larger floor area to make room for an additional console which will handle science operations. This provides the capability to run full mission simulations.

The tactical and operations consoles have had additional touchscreen panels added so that they can handle new systems being delivered such as torpedoes, power distribution and damage control.

A forward viewscreen has also been added. Data-casting capabilities are being added to consoles so that tactical, scientific or engineering visualisations can be selected for display on the viewscreen as required, including a multiview mode which will allow multiple data sources to be displayed at once.

The new sim is fully integrated with the remote simulator system so that the onsite crew can run simulations against remotely crewed vessels.

The mission operations room is currently being upgraded to handle the additional systems now supported by the sim. An update on progress with that will be published soon.



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Why is the viewscreen "controversial"?

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Too Star Trekky maybe. Still, its better than the windscreen they have in the kelvin timeline cheeky

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Imagine changing the blades on those windscreen wipers.