ISDC Careers
Deep space exploration offers the ultimate career opportunities

Does your aptitude lie in mangement or as a technical specialist? Do you see yourself on active duty or providing expert analysis? The career track you choose will shape your experience with the ISDC.

Branches represent the professional fields that are active within the organisation. Each branch provides a training and advancement framework that will support you career development from novice to expert.

As you gain qualifications and experience more challenging posts will become available. Your achievements and service will be recognised by rank and soon you could be joining the ISDC's elite on the bridge.

Career Branches

Engineers are highly specialised technologists, responsible for the maintenance and repair of critical ship systems.

The Tactical Branch is responsible for the defence of the vessel through the operation of warfare systems.

Operations is responsible for the efficient running of the vessel, including logistical, resource and operational management.

The Navigation Branch is responsible for vessel maneuvering, tracking location and reaching the intended destination.

The Science Branch provides the expertise necessary to analyse and document deep-space discoveries.

The medical branch is responsible for ensuring the health and well being of the crew.

Training & Development

The ISDC is not strictly a military organisation but operates a military-style chain of command as the most appropriate model for the dangerous, distant and unpredictable environment in deep space.

Providing the skills and experience necessary to undertake missions in that environment is as high a priority for the ISDC as building Endeavour.

Starting with the Academy, training programs, mentoring and practical experience support members in achieving their potential.

Career Tracks

Officers are the senior management of the ISDC, responsible for coordinating the successful...

Military crew are the technical specialists of the ISDC and receive applied technical training in...

The warrant officer program allows civilian-trained specialists to contribute their skills and...

Civilian advisors assist the ISDC by providing analysis and insights into the organisation’s...