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Remote Simulators
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Remote simulators are now available, allowing crew to get valuable hands-on time with vessel systems without leaving home.

Operating Endeavour will require an entire crew, which is one of the reasons why the new simulation facility is so important. It enables crew working across multiple systems to interact with each other under mission conditions.

However gaining basic proficiency on a particular system can be done without that level of interaction. Remote sims can be used by individuals or small groups to try out consoles for the first time, practise training evolutions and interact with their instructors.

The remote system is also integrated with the main simulator, so that a crew in the simulation room could run a mission scenario against another remotely crewed vessel.

Remote sims are accessed via browser and are configured to suit the chosen evolution or mission scenario. If things go a bit wrong – as is expected during training – crew have a start-over option that resets the simulation so they can try again.

Book Online

The functionality of the remote sims closely matches the real thing without needing to install anything. That level of fidelity requires sim access to be managed via bookings, which can be made online. Users will be sent a URL and an access code for their remote sim session.

All simulators are currently free to access for active crew (want to join the crew? Contact us or sign up). Once this trial period ends, crew will access simulator time using points, which will be added to membership accounts each month.

To get the most out of a simulation session – remote or otherwise – you should take a look at the online training videos available in the Academy, currently available for helm (impulse) and tactical (EMDAR).